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Question What would have happened if the South had won the American Civil War? (Posted by: Anonymous )

David Alan Answered by: David Alan, an
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The present day United States would have been divided into five or six countries, not just the United States and the Confederacy, if the South had won the American Civil War. Texas would have seceded from the Confederacy, and would have become a sovereign republic for the second time in its history. California also would have become a separate country. The State of Utah would have become a Church State, governed by the Mormons. A confederation of Western States would have formed the sixth country, which would have included the present day Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Oregon, and Colorado. This Western Confederation would have failed, however, and would have joined the Union in the 1930s, at the height of the great Depression.

Abraham Lincoln would not have been assassinated, since John Wilkes Booth would have not had a motive, and would have served as a senator from Illinois for more than twenty years. He would have written his memoirs after the war ended, which would have created a sensation. The book would have sold many thousands of copies in both the United States and the Confederacy. More copies would have been sold in the Confederacy than in the US, since the former rebels would have been more interested in reading about why they won the war than the US would have been in reading about why they lost it.

Robert E. Lee would have become Confederate President Jefferson Davis's special envoy to the United States. But the strain of the job, and trying to maintain friendly relations with a former enemy, would have led to an early death in 1870.

The Confederacy would not have become involved in the First World War, nor would any of the other American countries, which would have prolonged the war for nearly a year. Slavery would also have continued in the Confederacy until the 1920s, when the institution would have outlived its usefulness. The practice of racial integration would have remained in effect, however. This policy would have been a major bone of contention between the US and the Confederacy throughout their history.

The five American countries would have formed an alliance during the Second World War to fight Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. But each of the separate countries would have had its own commander. General Dwight D. Eisenhower would have commanded the forces from Texas, while General George s. Patton would have led the Confederate forces. General Omar Bradley would have commanded the US forces. After the war, all five American countries would have returned to a peaceful co-existence, with occasional bickering over politics and economics.

Had the Southern Confederacy won the American Civil War, the country would be far different than it is today, for better or worse. The United States would never have developed into a world power, and never would have become the superpower of the mid-twentieth century and beyond. Which means that the world would also have been a far different place, for better or worse.

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I think that no other countries other than the union and the confederacy would be formed. i think if the south had won the war they would have made there demands to the union and would have tried to keep slavery even if slavery would have lasted it would have died out. Then the confederacy would have rejoined the union. By Anonymous on 06-02-13 at 10:54pm
Assuming that the same people were born, but if there were separated countries, families could have been seperated, leading to different people going different places, so there is almost no likelihood the same people with the same names would be born. By Anonymous on 02-04-13 at 10:04pm
I wouldn't think that we'd join WW
I mean if Japan knew we were at a constant state of conflict why try to unify us with tiny attacks. They only attacked in response to our unified embargo of oil, without us as a major power Japan would control Asia and the oil in indenosia defeating any reason to attack America. Also without America as a huge power WW1 would have ended differently without American trade. I think Russia would have become the dominant power after defeating Germany weakened after conquering Europe at this point Hitler would be using slave soldiers or children. By Anonymous on 14-04-13 at 01:49pm
I disagree with the 6 country hypothesis for North America. If anything, given the huge armed forces created by North and South, the North would have found a pretext to invade Canada and the South would have taken over most of Mexico. Both super states would then feel that the national size had been restored to their repsective versions of America. By Mikey on 16-05-13 at 04:43pm
Don't forget about the advancements in agriculture, science, and technology. African Americans would not have been able to become as educated. By Anonymous on 22-07-13 at 09:17am
Butterfly effect... Everything would change, every sperm cell, every person would be different. Every interaction of human history would change in a cascade, everything affecting everything else, every atom, every molecule, would start moving in a different path. By rev on 23-07-13 at 01:34am
Mikey, Canada was still part of the British Empire, the major power at the time. The North USA nation would not fair well in such a battle for Canada. USA as a united nation lost against the British Empire in the 181
war so I am not sure why you think it would just as a smaller nation be able to take Canada. By Anonymous on 30-08-13 at 12:20am
I agree that the continental US would not be 6 countries. The 19th Century was still one of expanding imperialism. Texas, having won independence first from Mexico and then from the CSA would cast its eyes west to the NM territory and CA. If they hadn't these areas would have remained part of Mexico. The race west for resources would be between the CSA and the USA with bitter memory of the Missouri Compromise infecting both sides. That would result in Texas and/or Mexico holding the Southwest, the CSA holding the south, Kansas, Oklahoma, and maybe the Utah Territories, the USA getting the North, Nebraska, Washington, and Oregon territories. Canada would extend from the 49th parallel to the north and Russia would hold Alaska with the possibility that they might extend to BC during the last half of the 19th Century. However, due to internal problems at home, they also may have sold it to Canada/Britain. Maybe. Depends on if they discovered gold or not. By rick on 30-08-13 at 10:22am
i think the South would have eventually invaded Cuba, Venezuela, Many of the Carrib islands, and Central America. Probably Texas would have become its own country again but it too would have had expansionist interests into northern Mexico, N.Mex, Ariz, poss So. Cal. They would have given up slavery per se in the 1870s through international pressure and there would have been far less racial strife as the South would have reconstruced itself without the hatred toward the black race inspired by the reconstruction tactics of the North. As importantly, the late 1800's would have seen less grotesque greed and corruption in the North. I think the North Westertn States may have formed its own confederation but more than likely would have remained in or joined the Union. Canada would be essentially the same. There is also the real possibility that barring expansionism in the Confederacy, there would be certain states that would have REjoined the Union- such as Virginia, which was already deliberating an end to slavery, and since there was so much dissention among the separate Southern States it is even possible that the "confederacy" could not hold together and one by one states would have returned to the Union (or Texas) which would havce developed constitutions barring the right of states to seceed. Lots more stuff too. Certainly, the Monroe Doctrine would have gone out the window opening the powerful Euro Nations to exploit the Southern Western Hemisphere. There is no doubt that The Confederacy, if it held together would have had a more dedicated army and would have joined in the defeat of Germany before the Union and may, as a result have benefitted. By tom on 14-09-13 at 10:34pm
After the war Lincoln sent 50,000 troops and a lot of supplies to help Juarez defeat the French Maximilian. Had he not been defeated the new French/Mexican army would have soon taken Texas back as Mexico along with most of the west and the French would have also taken New Orleans and the lower Mississippi. Spain would have probably taken Florida and much of the lower Atlantic coast. France and Spain would have likely carved up anything where a superior navy could function. The Confederacy had nothing valid as a navy. Virginia would have likely rejoined the north for protection unless it too were taken by the Spanish navy using the Rappahannock River. Both the north and south had lost so many men and resources by the end of the war that neither could have fought off outside attacks alone. England and Canada may well have succeeded in making the north back into an English Colony as the weakened and divided states failed as individual countries who were then incapable of standing together for anything. England would have never allowed the French and Spanish to have the whole pie. America the great dream would have died completely at that point... Lincoln was right... By FJR on 08-10-13 at 05:35am
we wouldn't have 13,14,or the 15 amendment. By jake on 29-10-13 at 09:13pm
What a lot of Bull! Alliance against the Axis powers? Don't think so, my friend. The South would never have sacrificed their young men for the sake of Europe. Just sayin. By Anonymous on 16-11-13 at 12:46pm
Hawaii would have been a Japanese territory or a French colony, or perhaps just another Polynesian island. Since the Union would barely extend to the Pacific ocean. Hence no Pearl Harbor and US entry in the war. England would have lost WWII to Germany, who conceivably could have come to a peace with Russia after dividing up Poland, Eastern Europe and the Middle east. I agree that Russia would have probably been one of the dominate world powers along with The Third Reich. Canada being a Britich colony, would have become part of the Reich and the small, bickering countries of North America would have fallen one by one. Most of our oil used in WWII was from Texas remember. By Mark on 18-11-13 at 11:21am
Since the Union would not have extended to the West Coast, Hawaii would probably not have been an American territory. No Pearl Harbor and no entry into WWII. England would have lost the war without our help. Russia and the 3rd Reich would have sued for peace. Those two nations would have been the major world powers. Since Canada was a British colony, It would have become part of the Reich. It would not have taken much to then conquor the little bickering republics of North America. Who knows what the geopolitical map would have looked like before the war, as we would not have owned the Phillipines either. had the South won and we became an agricultural power rather than industrial one, we would be speaking German right now..those of us that survived the concentration camps that is. By mark on 18-11-13 at 03:31pm
To the person who said Canada was a British Colony in world war two. That is not true we were independant by then and were part of the British Commonwealth not the British Empire. We declared war independantly in World War Two. So most likely the relationship with Canada and the US and the confederacy would have been very different. Many in Canada supported the confederacy and many others supported the Union. There were many who voluntarily went to fight for both sides. In Saint John New Brunswick there was one newspaper who supported the UNion while another supported the confederacy. We had both confederate ships and UNion ships come into our harbours. I would think there would have been three countries on a little more equal footing if the South had have won. And perhaps we would have not lost all our canadian businesses to WalMArt and Target. By revjohnnym on 22-11-13 at 07:55am
What is this about a second world war without a Strong America to enter the First World War and bar the use of U-Boats Germany would have controlled the waters and France and Germany would have had to reach an agreement or Germany would have won. By Anonymous on 05-12-13 at 11:43pm
Sharing similar racial ideals and socialist leanings, do you think that instead of aan american alliance.. there was a chance that the confederacy would have sided with germany? By Ds2 on 17-12-13 at 02:18pm
Canada did not open up it's west until the railroad was built in 1881. The northern states or country would have moved in on that and war with Britain would have happened. They would receive no help from the USA. Southern states would have eyes for Mexico and Central America, Texas being the most militant. It wouldn't come to pass as the south would not be able to fund a war. Slowly as time changed the southern states would re-enter the Union. By Anonymous on 17-12-13 at 03:53pm
I see optimism in a Union loss (my grandfather wore blue). What were the great accomplisments in the real USA of c.1865-1900? Whipping the frontier, absorbing millions of diverse immigrants, a tremendous agricultural boom, a great commercial-urban-industrial developement (complete with great inventors and capitalists), monumental artistic/intellectual achievement to challenge Europe, and a fantastic growth of wealth and standard of living. How much of this was south of the Mason-Dixon line? After a generation of self-congratulations for having whipped the Damn Yankees, the "down at the heals" South would have come on their knees to get back in the Union. They would have been told to get lost!!! By Moon on 21-12-13 at 01:22am
I wonder what political parties would have developed in the Confederacy and who would have been president of the Confederacy in 1967... remember they had a one, six-year term limit on the president (maybe not a bad idea). I could see two political parties, one softer on the issue of slavery and the other more hardline. Given Robert E. Lee's health, he may have declined running for president, leaving quite a void. Given that Gettysburg must of never happened or turned out differently, then James Longstreet might have been a viable candidate for president. Then again, Stonewall, might have survived, but it's hard to imagine him as a politician. By Dennis on 05-01-14 at 06:25pm
Winning probably would have meant that the south would have rejoined the Union minus possibly Texas. The difference would have been a far stonger southern power base and issues related to slavery would have been settled law with a pro south flavor. For example the future states would have been slave states and issues such as the fugitive slave act would have continued. Power in congress would be skewed to the south.Slavery would have died out in time, probably sooner than the suggestion of 19
0s. By Anonymous on 09-02-14 at 07:12pm
One of the best answers out there. I used bits and pieces to strengthen my knowledge. Thanks SOO much!! By josh sifford on 25-02-14 at 12:10pm
I agree with Texas being its own republic, but california along with a few other western states would have made a fourth country. I do not believe Utah would have been allowed to become a church state, so we would have ended up with possibly four countries!! Slavery would have remained in the south, but only for a couple of decades,because of world pressures!!! By michael on 27-03-14 at 03:09am
I think that the south would stay as it's own country for another 30 years with slavery and then after 30 years there would be another war with an American victory By Hi on 03-04-14 at 05:58pm
Very interesting, however, it has to be defined better what a confederate win means because it determines what the level of European Involvement would be and what North America looks like
0 to 50 years later. Victory is defined as...? 1. the south just beating the union to a point where the Union gives up and sues for peace and allows the confederacy to be independent? Confederate troops go home and dont cross back into the Union?
. Does the confederacy take Union territory? (i.e. key points of industry? strategic trading ports, etc.?) 3. Do other states begin succeed from Union and join the confederacy for post-war political / economic reasons? Jumping on the band-wagon. 4. Most Extreme - Do they stop w/ just forcing the Union to surrender and give up some land or does the confederacy go for total control and take NYC and/or Washington DC? This discussion seems to fit a "clean break" end of the war, scenario 1. However, I dont think that would have happened once the tide turned and the South had the North on the run. Scenario 1 would have very quickly lead to scenario
and maybe 4 (especially if neutral European Countries started to jump on the South Bandwagon, put skin in the game, and started supplying the eventual winner with more supplies, mercenaries, etc.. I think scenario 3 happens and gets to the point where the union gives the confederacy everything they want. Confederacy wouldnt burn North Cities (revenge for Atlanta). The Union doesnt want a European influenced south that destabilizes North America for generations and thus making them weaker than before. So they would compromise with the confederacy, stop hostilities, and eventually re-unify all the states (under the confederacy's terms. This would have lead to a much smaller federal government system, with more empowered States' rights. By Traveler of Time and Space on 07-04-14 at 11:55pm
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